What to Look for When Buying Safe Dog Toys

Dogs with Rop Toy

Here at Fur Baby Baskets, we only carry highly rated, safe dog toys in our baskets.  We truly value pups, so we do a lot of research on how safe and, of course, how reliable a toy is before we accept it to be used in one of our Fur Baby Baskets.

There are a lot of benefits to dog toys.  They help with anxiety, comfort, boredom, and have even been shown to help prevent the development of some behavioral disorders.  

So, now that you know that your dog needs safe toys, how do you find them?  Fret not, we have you covered!

First, make sure you don't let your dog get its paws on non-toys.  What we mean by that is you should keep your house dog-proofed.  That means keeping materials like rubber bands, strings, paper clips, rubber bands, children's toys, and anything that can get lodged in your dogs throat while unsupervised out of reach and out of sight.  This obviously is prevention control to make sure an accident doesn't happen and cause physical pain for your pup and financial pain for yourself.

We recommend starting with hard rubber toys.  These are fun for your furry friend to carry around and, of course, obsessively chew on.  Ropes can be used for tug-of-war and also chewing, but should have knotted ends to make sure they don't unravel.

Toys that can be filled with treats or dog stuffing pastes (see our Toys & Treats Basket for an example) can keep your dog busy for a long time and also reward them for all their hard work they'll inevitably put in.  

Stuffed toys aren't for all dogs, but work for some.  Make sure that the stuffing doesn't have peanut fillings or polystyrene beads.  Also, if the stuffed toy becomes un-stuffed through a tear, make sure to dispose of it.  You don't want your pup swallowing "safe" stuffing either.

Lastly, tennis balls can be a great toy for playing fetch and carrying around.  Just the same as our stuffed toy friends, make sure to dispose of the tennis ball if it becomes ripped open as your dog can ingest pieces of the tennis ball, which can be dangerous.

We all love our Fur Baby Baskets, so let's make sure to keep them safe by getting them the safest toys for them and ensuring their safety and health!