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What to Look for When Buying Safe Dog Toys

Here at Fur Baby Baskets, we only carry highly rated, safe dog toys in our baskets.  We truly value pups, so we do a lot of research on how safe and, of course, how reliable a toy is before we accept it to be used in one of our Fur Baby Baskets. There are a lot of benefits to dog toys.  They help with anxiety, comfort, boredom, and have even been shown to help prevent the development of some behavioral disorders.   So, now that you know that your dog needs safe toys, how do you find them?  Fret not, we have you covered! First, make sure you don't let your dog get its paws on non-toys.  What we mean...

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4 Ways to Keep Your Dog Active During the Winter Months

The winter months can be long and daunting if you live up north.  Dark, dreary, and cold become the norm.  I know I have always struggled with how to keep ol' Brutus active during these few months.  Here are some ways that I've learned can help if you are like me and aren't fond of braving the cold. Enjoy Indoor Activities There are actually a good amount of indoor activities that can help your dog to exert that much needed energy day in and day out.  Devote some time to playing 'hide and seek' around the house.  Teach your dog some new tricks that you've always thought of like 'play dead' or 'stick 'em up'.  I can almost guarantee that...

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Top Five Reasons to Adopt a Dog

There are many ways you can get a dog nowadays.  Some admirable.  Some not so much.  You can buy from a pet store, a puppy mill, or from a breeder.  People can find arguments for or against any of these means of purchasing a forever fur baby (except for maybe the puppy mills - they need to go away).  But, we have another suggestion that may or may not have crossed your mind - adoption.  Below you'll find the top five reasons for adopting your next pup!   You Will Save a Life This may be the most important of the reasons.  The ASPCA estimates there are 3.9 million dogs per year that enter pet shelters in America.  Out of those...

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