4 Ways to Keep Your Dog Active During the Winter Months

The winter months can be long and daunting if you live up north.  Dark, dreary, and cold become the norm.  I know I have always struggled with how to keep ol' Brutus active during these few months.  Here are some ways that I've learned can help if you are like me and aren't fond of braving the cold.

Enjoy Indoor Activities

There are actually a good amount of indoor activities that can help your dog to exert that much needed energy day in and day out.  Devote some time to playing 'hide and seek' around the house.  Teach your dog some new tricks that you've always thought of like 'play dead' or 'stick 'em up'.  I can almost guarantee that you and I can get enjoyment out of these activities just like our dogs will.

Take Your Dog Shopping

Okay, ladies - shame on you for not thinking of this one yet.  Men - shame on you for not suggesting it.  What does a woman love?  Dogs and shopping of course!  A little known fact is that there are a lot of stores that allow us to shop with our dogs!  Of course you must keep them leashed and under control.  But, what better way to get a shopping trip done then to bring our best companion with us!  I haven't left you men out either... Home Depot is even known to let us have our dogs with us during our shopping trips!  Just make sure to call and double check as some stores can vary from manager to manager.

Suck It Up and Walk It Out

I know, I know.  Nobody likes the cold.  But, listen, our dogs need to get out still.  And they need to get out a little more than a few bathroom trips a day.  You should really try to bundle up and get out there with your dog once a day or at least a few times a week.  Dogs need to exert energy like we need water.  Speaking of, make sure your dog stays hydrated.  A common misconception is that dogs only need a healthy amount of water during the hot months of summer.  This is untrue and dogs need water anytime they are using up all that energy they have.  One last tip - keep your dog from eating snow near the sidewalk or side of the street.  Some of the salt from the salt trucks can be poisonous if ingested.  Other than that, let that pup enjoy some outside time!

Find Some Fun Indoor Activities

There are a number of businesses in different towns and cities that offer indoor activities such as indoor dog parks.  There are also different obedience classes or agility classes that can help your dog both get rid of some energy and enjoy a doggie social life!

While it's definitely easy to become a hermit crab and lock yourself (and consequently your dog) indoors during the winter months, let's not forget that our lovable pups need that day-to-day exercise!  It's something that you and I can give to help our dogs to feel that much more loved and happy!